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Settle down in Valais, Switzerland – Foreign citizens

For foreign non wage-earner citizens who desire to settle down in Switzerland during at least 180 days a year, the standard assessment of a person’s income in the canton of Valais means a fantastic possibility to organise his or her legacy- and tax situation on an international scale.

All foreign persons having received a residence permit or a right of establishment in Switzerland have the right to spend longer periods in the country. There are differences in how the authorities deliver residence permits, depending on whether the foreign citizen aims to exercise an economical activity or not in the country.

There is a special permit for a person wanting to practise a profession in the country. He or she can become a holder of a document which gives him or her right to stay in the country and to exercise an economic activity.

It is to be noted that since the Bilateral Agreement (June 2002) regarding free circulation of people between Switzerland and countries within the European Union, it has become easier for citizens in the European Union to become holders of both residence permits and permits for the right of establishment.

As for people practicing a profession, non wage-earners (pensioners, students and others) have the right to free circulation if they have adequate health insurances both with regards to sickness and accident, as well as sufficient means for their personal use.

For further information on Bilateral Agreements and conditions for obtaining a residence permit, please see Swiss Federal Authorities regarding migration, in French, German and Italian

For more information about the advantages of residing and living in the canton of Valais, its economy and how to invest here, please see the homepage of the Leadership of the Economic Development in Switzerland, DEWS, (Development Economic Western Switzerland) and

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